Ways to Prepare your Major Household Appliances for the Move

If you are about to move, you obviously need to hire a moving company to help make your move smooth. Moving is an extremely tedious task and you cannot possibly move all of the furniture and appliances on your own.

Moving appliances is the complicated part. You need to make certain preparations before moving your major appliances. Appliance moving in Houston TX needs a few preparatory ways.

  1. Contact the Manufacturer

It is advisable that for all the big appliances, contact the manufacturer and ask for any details or precautions needed for its move. If you have the owner’s manual copy then it is better that you refer to it for guidance.

  1. Disconnect the Refrigerator

You need to have the refrigerator unplugged at least a good 24 hours before the move. Dispose of all the eatables not needed and clean it thoroughly. After cleaning it, dry out all the surfaces after you have defrosted the freezer. Remove all the racks and pack them up securely. The refrigerator needs to be disconnected well before time so that there is no smell left in it as well. That smell could later be extremely long lasting.

  1. Cleanup the Stove to Prepare

The stove also needs to be thoroughly cleaned before the big move. Clean it inside out and have racks removed and fastened securely. If you own a gas stove, make sure the gas is turned off. Be extra cautious around gas lines as they are very sensitive. If you are unsure of how to handle them, it is better to let the professionals deal with it then.

  1. Empty out the Dishwasher

The washer and the drying unit need extra care. Again, it is better to consult the owner’s manual and get proper guidance on how to do it. Otherwise, contact the manufacturer before disconnecting it. You need to remove all the hoses and pack them up in separate boxes. In the case of the washer, you will need to secure the drum so that it is not damaged in any way.

  1. Pack Cords Safely

Unplug each unit and secure their plugs to their backs using the packing tape. Do this for all the appliances. Do not by any means allow the cords to stay loose and dangle. Not only can they break but the switches can hit other things being moved and cause damage.

  1. Packing up of Different Things

In case of all the appliances, you need to choose the right method of packing accordingly. If there are unbreakable items then have them packed in lightweight, empty caverns for example refrigerator crisper or the oven. Things like blankets, pillows, stuffed toys and cushions or clothing can all be carried as it is. Just wrap them up in a plastic bag prior to Appliance Pickup.

  1. Tape all Lids and Doors Shut

Once appliances are loaded, wait for the appliance delivery. Just be sure that the things are packed right. Make sure you have all the doors, cords and tools all wrapped up and taped securely before you move. You do not want doors or lids to be dangling around and breaking. Therefore have them sealed properly with tape before they are set in the moving truck.


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