How To Get Rid Of Unpleasant Carpet Smells?

One of the most irritating things about Carpet Cleaning is its ability to retain smells. The carpet fabric is absorbent and it gives way to every spill. You may have removed the spill right after it happened but there are chances of retained odors which are highly unpleasant.

At times, a house owner may not realize the odors as inhabitants are habituated to the smells. An embarrassing scenario would be that your guests or friends complain about it. Every homeowner should be superconscious about the odors indoors as it clearly speaks of your housekeeping skills.

If you are having such smelly carpets or rugs, hire professionals for affordable carpet cleaning in Natomas CA. The accumulated dust, dirt, spills and dander are the underlying reasons for smells.

The most important reason one should be concerned about getting rid of putrid smells is that smells are indicators of underlying serious issues. Delays can lead to health hazards.

Reliable DIY methods to refresh your carpets are enlisted below. Apply these according to your specific needs without inflicting any costly damages. It is important to remember that carpets and oriental rugs are two different entities which must be dealt with different approaches.

1.    Identify The Reason

You cannot completely remove an odor unless you identify the real reason behind it. Either it is due to leaky roof or pipes, fix the root cause.

2.    Remove The Stains And Spills

Once you are done with identification, it is time to remove the stains and spills. In case of water damage, dry out the carpet completely. If the seeped water was contaminated, it is the most dangerous and risky to deal with. You might have to consider a new carpet installation after it.

3.    Sprinkle Sodium Bicarbonate/ Baking Soda

All the apparent stains have been removed and you are still left with the funky smells. Use the power of chemistry and trust baking soda. It is one of the most common remedies against odors. Sprinkle the baking powder and let it sit for several hours (in severe cases, leave for a night or two).

Keep your children and pet away from it. Now remove the excess powder. Use a vacuum to completely remove sodium bicarbonate.

4.    Squeeze Out A Lemon

The acidity of squeezed lemons can help you freshen the carpet flooring. Mix a lot of lemon juice in a bit of warm water and spray it over the smelly areas. Let it sit for an hour or two and then rinse it with soapy water. Later clean out the soap and allow it to dry.

5.    Use Vinegar for Carpet Cleaning

Vinegar is mixed with warm water in 3:1 to remove smells. It even strips out the urine smell.

6.    Tea Tree Oil

One of the most trusted ingredients to remove smells is tee tree oil due to its natural fresh odor. Mix 20 drops of tea tree oil in one cup of water to make an amazing deodorizer carpet spray.

The Verdict

Carpet smells are hard to get rid of but not impossible. It is not necessary to replace the carpets as reliable upholstery cleaning services are available for residential or office carpet cleaning. Identifying the root cause, de-staining and then the usage of deodorizing chemicals is the right sequence.

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