The Future of Technology Trends That Prevailed In 2018

Technology Trends In Digital Marketing That Prevailed In 2018 And Their Future

We all know technology is growing at a quick pace. Since the time it helped us grow crops at a rate five times faster than the normal crop it was established that with technological advancements we will soon be able to travel at the speed of light.

The term marketing increases in caliber when the term digital is added to it. The reason for this is that digital marketing has broadened the horizons of business for people and has opened gateways to efficient ways and great profits. Technology has come a long way from Microsoft to smartphones and very soon we will be touching transparent screens with 3D images. This blog will take you through the buildup of certain technological advancements and how we see their future.

What Were The Highlights Of 2018?

Crypto Currency

2018 was a good year for technology and for new digital marketing trends. The influence of cryptocurrency kept hovering in the background as the wo0rld started investing in this new age technology recognizing it as a means of investment as a new way of financial dealing. However, the future of the cryptocu

Crypto Currency

rrency is unknown because of the sudden rise and downfall in the value of the cryptocurrency.

The unpredictability factor that prevails in the cryptocurrency had led to an equally matched skepticism about the future of the digital currency and to add the cherry on top the group of unidentified hackers who posed a threat to bank accounts in about 71 countries around the world dispersed the investors of cryptocurrency in different directions.

By the looks of it, you can expect crypto currency to be present in the digital world in 2019.

Interactive Chatbots

The use of Chabot’s grew when its use on the Facebook messenger app increased. These chatbots started trending in 2017 and people started increasingly indulging with them because it gave them a chance to engage their favorite celebrities and famous figures through chatbots. Many games also appeared on the internet which operated on the mechanism of a chatbot.

Following the trends and recognizing the ease of using a botChatbot instead of being constantly available during working hours many website owners adopted the trend of using a Chatbot and every now and then if you open a services website a Chatbot appears at your service. The Chatbot can guide you through the different services being

Interactive Chatbots

offered by the company and help you book an appointment as well. Chatbots have been known to provide busin

ess with major savings as it does most of the work related to customer services online and the companies don’t have to hire a

ny extra staff for the job. Currently, a Chatbot is able to communicate with a human on the other end but the expected development in Chatbots in 2018 can be the ability of a Chatbot to be able to communicate with another Chatbot. The work on such applications is under progress and soon you can expect to use this technology as well. If you’re wondering about the future of Chatbots then let it be known that since developments are being made in this category you can expect Chatbots to be a trending tool in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

If we look at the stats of the first 6 months of 2018 we will clearly see that 4 out of 10 business houses are using Artificial Intelligence in their day to day business activities. This means that the use of artificial intelligence will soon be seen in the mainstream.  Since 2017 artificial intelligence is being used in mobile apps. It helps in predicting your choice of command before you decide to give the command. It artificially selects the items you might be interested in and puts them on the front page for you to see. It also helps in advanced searches on different applications like Facebook. Some features of the artificial intelligence which have been commonly used in 2018 include predictive text, quick translations, GPS route suggestions, and email classifications.

The future of artificial technology can already be seen with the mobile apps that support AI technology like Alexa, Siri, and Google assistant. The way these devices are performing functions of a constant assistant shows that artificial intelligence will have a bright future ahead. The way the use of artificial intelligence has increased over the year you can expect an increased use of AI robots in the near future. Business will use this technology to enhance and optimize their customer services.

Extra Storage Through Cloud Technology

We first heard of the cloud technology through iPhones which used iCloud as an artificial storage space for the device. The concept then slowly grew into Dropbox, Google drive, and one drive. By 2018 there was a gradual increase in the usage of these applications because people can’t save everything on their hard disks. The problem with storing data has arisen from the advancement in digital and web technology. Everything has been converted to soft copy which means there is an increased amount of data which needs to be stored somewhere hence the increase in the usage of cloud apps. By 2019 USB’s will start disappearing from the market just like the Floppy drives and CDs disappeared. The future lies in artificial cloud storage which will enable people to store large amounts of data in one place and be easily able to collect the data from this storage without disturbing the internal space of the mobile phones or computers.

The Blockchain Technology

A word that has been trending a lot in 2018 has gained the attention of a lot of people and although the complexity of the domain it works in is not very easy to understand the work it does is super beneficial for the security of your information and finances. This word is the Blockchain technology which was primarily used for the cryptocurrency is now being used for other purposes as well. It helps in sharing information but at the same time prevents it from being copied or misused.

The use of blockchain technology is the future of private servers because it prevents hackers from breaking into the patterns and sabotaging important information which is later used to hack into different servers. The use of blockchain technology will enable developers to create built-in security apps in mobile phones so that the data in the phones will remain protected and any security loopholes that exist in your computer servers or mobiles will be filled with extra security. With the help of blockchain technology, you can expect a much-upgraded security on all kinds of data, passwords, pin codes and keys.

The blockchain will also enable the personnel in the financial sector to access all the information needed to ensure financial transactions without having to send documents for signatures to different parties. This will not only quicken the process but also make it more secure.

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