How America Celebrates Thanksgiving In Remembrance Of The New Harvest.

America has been preserving its traditions through different custom festivities and public holidays which mark the importance of the culture, the previous generations left behind. This year a rising trend of welcoming the harvest in true spirits with arms opened wide is being observed all around the states. It’s not just about a Thanksgiving dinner with a stuffed turkey and other food items on the table. It a grand affair when you come to maintaining a lifestyle. With everything being put up on the social media every person tries their best to make sure their dresses look perfect and their dinner tables look perfect just like the smiles they give in their pictures.

If you are a newcomer in The United States then prepare yourself for the festivities of thanksgiving because the Americans love good Food traveling and celebrating. The day of Thanksgiving has an emotional element to it as well because the tradition says thanksgiving was often celebrated after a plague or drought. Thus the citizens come together on their dinner tables and recite a prayer after which the festivities begin.

How The festivities Build Momentum?

The Dining Tables Are The Limelight Of The Day

Those who have been celebrating Thanksgiving since childhood must have seen their mothers fussing over how bland their mashed potatoes taste and how the turkey might be undercooked or the color of the cranberry sauce is not the way they expected it to be. These are the complaints that are common before and after the Thanksgiving luncheons and dinners. The menu is most houses remains the same and this increases the competition among the home chefs because everybody wants compliments on their turkey.

Dining Tables Are The Limelight Of The Day

Then comes the presentation of the food and the dining tables which is important for the pictures and to please the guests as well. As the drawing rooms are filled with random conversations of the guests it is a common site to see the women in the kitchen making a dash from one counter to another with napkins, forks, and knives. A Thanksgiving serves as a family reunion dinner or lunch for some as well so expect to have a nice time.

Apart from the food and table presentation, people are also quite conscious about their health especially those who are above 60 and this is why you can expect to find boiled vegetables and soups on the tables for those who can’t have a high-calorie meal.

What to Wear This Thanks Giving?

If you’re traveling to your parents or grandparents house and you are expecting your distant relatives to be there, ones you haven’t met in a while then make sure yo0u dress up nice to make them remember you till you meet them again. Your dressing sense and the way you carry yourself says a lot about you and with the discount offers on the roll make sure you grab yourself a casual chic outfit and snap a picture of it on Instagram with the caption “OOTD”. People are often interested in seeing other peoples outfits on special occasions so get out there and make a fashion statement of your own this Thanksgiving.

Girls can opt for strappy camisoles with a loose cardigan and skinny jeans while guys can wear a t-shirt with jeans and a jacket to complete the look. Thanksgiving sales are up a week before Thanksgiving in many places so make sure you hit the stores as soon as possible to grab the best and trending stuff for yourself.

Like Christmas sales thanksgiving sales also come with great generosity but there is a great difference between these sales. The Christmas sales are usually themed according to the Christmas while the Thanksgiving sales have a different genre overall. Since most of the areas do not have heavy snowfalls during Thanksgiving you can opt for a moderate winter dress because it is the end of fall and the beginning of winter. The shoe selection depends on the weather. Boots and high heels are in fashion but are sure not to wear long boots because you might want to save that look for Christmas.

Is Travelling To The Suburbs On Thanksgiving A Good Idea?

Thanksgiving day is marked as a public holiday so before you plan to travel on Thanksgiving make sure you know the schedule of the buses and whether they are offering transit services on a holiday or not. Traveling out of the city is very common during public holidays as people have to gather around at a relative or friends house and the roads are usually calm but there are certain bus services that not only offer bus services but also offer special discounts on the fare.

Traveling to the suburbs is indeed a good idea if you have hotel bookings or have relatives there. Apart from that, the suburban areas celebrate Thanksgiving in a traditional way. The whole neighborhoods come together and sing in the streets or start a campfire somewhere and sing. They also have sessions in the church and big gathering where different people bring food to the table and they all eat together. The suburban feasts are a jolly affair and a sight that is hard to miss especially if you get to experience it for the first time.

The suburban people like to celebrate Thanksgiving as the English used to do because the culture doesn’t die easily in the suburbs as it does in the metropolitan cities. People often travel to the suburbs to celebrate Thanksgiving with their relatives there and enjoy a holiday away from the hassle and daily routine of the city life. Another factor in the suburbs is the closure of the people who live there and their constant interaction which leads to a happening evening on thanksgiving something which is not very easy to experience in the city with limited space to settle limited guests. The suburban areas celebrate Thanksgiving as a community and this is how they manage to organize grand dinners and luncheons where the whole community is invited.

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